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When looking to mount a sign quickly and securely, the best option is always one that will last. Sign banding solutions need to be water and corrosion-resistant so that they remain in good condition over time throughout varied weather events. Stainless steel strapping with holes meets all of these requirements.

Stainless steel can be made into a wide range of sizes, and which can be shaped to attach to objects with detailed specifications. Stainless steel can hold fast to tough objects without breaking due to its incredible strength. When looking to buy strapping, be sure to purchase your materials from stainless steel strapping suppliers who source their products from reputable steel strapping manufacturers. Reputable facilities check for quality at each step of the production and manufacturing process, ensuring the safety and reliability requirements that you expect and require in your stainless-steel strapping with holes.

Why Choose Strapping with Holes?

Having stainless steel strapping with holes allows bolts or fasteners to secure the band and hold it fast. Stainless steel has a high degree of corrosion resistance, so you can trust your banding products to last for a long time. This durability means that stainless steel products are well suited to industrial and outdoor environments. Stainless steel is an alloy with at least 10.5% chromium, which is what keeps the banding from corroding. Stainless steel also has a resistance to the effects from UV rays, so it does not deteriorate while used in outdoor operations. making stainless steel strapping the ideal choice for extreme environments.

Uses for Stainless Steel Strapping

There are many uses for stainless steel strapping, with holes or without. Stainless steel strapping is used in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to:  
  • -Steel
  • -Medical
  • -Drilling and Mining
  • -Automotive
  • -Telecommunications
  • -Governmental Public Works/Infrastructure
  • -Marine
  Stainless steel strapping is generally used in highly industrial sectors. Stainless steel strapping is applied manually with a tensioning tool, and then fastened together with a buckle. The strapping offered by Band-N-Go is compact, convenient, and easy to store. It has a smooth finish to protect workers and the materials it attaches to. We also offer a ½ inch All Purpose band that has the holes pre-punched into it.   Band-N-Go is one of the top stainless steel strapping suppliers in Canada. Providing strapping solutions for a number of industries including marine, electrical, automotive, and signage, Band-N-Go offers top quality products. Learn more about stainless steel strapping suppliers with Band-N-Go.