Stainless Steel Band Clamps

The experts at BAND-N-GO Inc™ distribute galvanized steel and stainless steel  preformed clamps used to attach fittings to hoses.

Center punch preformed hose clamps are designed to provide a strong, leak proof seal in medium and heavy duty applications. These clamps are made of either corrosion resistant galvanized steel or stainless steel banding that is looped and fitted with a centre punch seal. They are supplied in fixed inside diameter sizes. When selecting centre punch preformed large galvanized steel or stainless steel hose clamps choose the clamp inside diameter size in accordance with the hose and fitting outside diameter.

Industrial hose clamps distributed by BAND-N-GO Inc™ come in multiple sizes, for any industrial job.

BAND-N-GO Inc™ is also a supplier of banding clamp tools for the attachment, fastening, and tightening of centre punch preformed hose clamps.