Jacket On, Jacket off and Polymer Coats

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It goes without saying: The strongest people in the world wears jackets. You cannot image soldiers, firemen or welders doing their jobs without their uniforms. Now image stainless steel banding and cable ties which are used in the roughest oil rigs to the deepest submarines. These environments demonstrate that as strong as the metal is, […]

Invisible in Public- Stainless Steel Cable Ties

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You have probably heard of the expression: “you are never more than 5 meters away from a spider”. Although we cannot say the same for our products, stainless steel cable ties and banding are definitely all around us. They are as essential as nuts and bolts- think about them as publicly invisible heroes like volunteer […]

How Band-N-Go Can Grow Your Business

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Band-N-Go’s story begins back in the mid nineties. For years, I owned and operated an exterior light and sign repair business. In 2003, I sold it with the full intention of starting the next chapter of my life – retirement. But anyone who knows me well enough, understands my need to “stay in the game”. I […]

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Stainless Steel “FAB Strap” / “Preformed Clamps”

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BAND-N-GO Inc. now makes Stainless Steel FAB Strap or as some people like to call it Preformed Clamps. FAB Strap is used to hold heat tracer cable in place or to attach Insulating jackets. There are many benefits to having FAB Strap pre made by BAND-N-GO Inc. 1) saves on material cost. 2) installations go […]

Stainless Steel Cable Ties Types and Uses

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There are several different types of stainless steel cable ties that have a variety of uses and that respond well to varied environments. The two most common types of stainless steel cable ties are the roller ball and ladder style. They are available in both coated and uncoated format.  The roller ball tie has a small […]

Sometimes it’s as easy as passing on, a bit of Information.

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My biggest distributor started to do business with me because I helped them with a bit of information. We were all sitting in the office and I was trying to explain my products to them. They all listened carefully and seemed  interested, but all of a sudden we had gone off topic. One of the […]

Sign, Electrical, Security Companies need the “Rudy Clamp”

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WHY? because it really does get expensive, for companies that use stainless steel banding to invest in banding, buckles and tools, when they may only use them 10 times a year. The solution is the “Rudy “Clamp. You only need to invest in the 1/2″ stainless steel coil and purchase the required amount of “Rudy” […]

Prevent SS Cable Ties from Cutting Cable Jackets

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By using the CT-5 Manual Tool with Tension Adjustment and cutter you can prevent the accidental cutting of a cable jacket. The CT-5 automatically cuts to the desired tension you preset. It is also small enough to allow you easy access into tight spots. When you want a cable tie to last for years and […]

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