Stainless steel cable ties

Stainless steel tie wraps or stainless steel cable ties are used to bundle and secure wires, cables, and other objects in a wide array of industrial and commercial applications ranging from shipbuilding and repair to hydrocarbon extraction to food processing and many more. Stainless steel cable ties, also referred to as stainless steel tie wraps are lightweight, strong and durable. They are stronger than plastic cable ties and very durable, lasting for many, many years. Band-N-Go stocks stainless steel cable ties with strength ratings that range from 150 lbs to 800 lbs. Stainless steel tie wraps are great for organizing, securing, and bundling cables in a variety of different situations both outdoors and indoors. They can be found in control panels in mills and factories, or holding heat tracer cable to pipelines. They are easy to use and are available in sizes from 4 inches to 75 inches in length. Heavy duty stainless steel cable ties are ideally suited for demanding operating environments featuring extreme temperatures, vibration, or humidity/dryness such as those found in heavy industrial and marine applications.  

Withstand Severe Weather Conditions

  Stainless steel tie wraps are often specified for equipment that must operate in severe weather conditions . These ties are constructed of high-quality type 316 or type 304 stainless steel that can endure a wide range of temperatures, and will not degrade with prolonged exposure to UV rays from the sun. Stainless steel tie wraps are highly resistant to corrosion and will not absorb moisture. This makes them ideal for use in marine applications like shipbuilding or offshore hydrocarbon drilling. Stainless steel tie wraps are often installed in food processing plants because they resist corrosion, and are made from detectable metal, characteristics that help ensure food safety. In large industrial, commercial or marine HVAC systems, Heavy duty stainless steel cable ties secure power and control cables as they will not dry out over time, and do not emit any gases or particles. They are safe for use in air handling systems.  

Added Security with Ball-lock Stainless Steel Cable

The ball-lock stainless steel tie wraps offered by BAND-N-GO Inc™ have a low profile and smooth edges, so they are safe for workers and cable jackets. Once fastened, they cannot be loosened or released, making them tamper resistant. BAND-N-GO Inc™ carries a full line of regular duty and heavy duty stainless steel cable ties in mill finish and coated for every application. We also stock a full line of manual fastening tools with built-on cutters to facilitate a quality installation.