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Steel Strapping

If you use steel strapping in your business operations, you know how important it is to get high-quality products that won’t let your merchandise get damaged. The kind of strapping you choose can make a huge difference when you’re transporting your goods long distances. You don’t want to risk damage to them so you’ll need Read More

Micro-Gear® 62M clamps

When looking to mount a sign quickly and securely, the best option is always one that will last. Sign banding solutions need to be water and corrosion-resistant so that they remain in good condition over time throughout varied weather events. Stainless steel strapping with holes meets all of these requirements. Stainless steel can be made Read More

Stainless Steel FAB Strap

BAND-N-GO Inc. now makes Stainless Steel FAB Strap or as some people like to call it Preformed Clamps. FAB Strap is used to hold heat tracer cable in place or to attach Insulating jackets. There are many benefits to having FAB Strap pre made by BAND-N-GO Inc. 1) saves on material cost. 2) installations go Read More