Stainless Steel Banding, Buckles, Seals, Tools and Brackets

BAND-N-GO Inc™ is among the leading stainless steel banding suppliers in North America. We package and distribute stainless steel banding and distribute a wide assortment of stainless steel banding strap, buckles, seals, tools, and brackets.

Stainless steel banding is used in industrial applications that require a strong, resilient, and easy to handle material for use in harsh, demanding environments. It is long lasting and can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, vibration, moisture or dryness, UV radiation, and it resists corrosion.

Stainless steel banding is found in a variety of industries, from building construction to the transportation of goods. It is used for bundling cables and for the non-invasive fastening of signs and traffic signals to utility poles; and it secures hose fittings and holds insulation jackets in place around pipes, ducts and tanks. These are just a few of its many uses.

Stainless steel buckles and wing seals are used to fasten stainless steel banding strap. Band-N-Go Inc has a stainless steel buckle or wing seal for almost any kind of stainless steel banding material.

To fasten signs or control boxes to poles, posts, columns or beams, professionals use stainless steel brackets with stainless steel banding. With stainless steel bolt and washer, they come ready to use right out of the box.

Stainless steel banding distributors like Band-N-Go Inc carry a full line of installation tools to make fastening stainless steel banding easy. There are light duty, medium duty or heavy duty tools to match the stainless steel banding chosen for the job.