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steel banding

Self-tensioning steel banding is stainless steel banding that can be installed without need of special tensioning tools, buckles or seals. It is available in a variety of configurations. Ratchet Band Clamps and High Pressure Band Clamps come with integral fastening clasps. All Purpose Banding can be fastened with standard bolts, screws or nails When a Read More

stainless steel banding & buckles

Back in 2017 a successful pilot project called #BeSunSafe provided free sunscreen in 5 Toronto parks. The #BeSunSafe program was founded by the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund, the Douglas Wright Foundation and the City of Toronto. The purpose of #BeSunSafe is to reduce Canadians’ risk of skin cancer by providing free sunscreen and raising awareness of the importance of sun Read More

stainless steel banding

Hello world, the Internet of Things – 5G for short, is coming. It’s a world where everything is connected: people to people; people to devices; devices to devices.   To achieve inter-connectivity of smart devices, service providers will need to install hardware to transmit and receive high frequency radio signals.   In the 4G world Read More

Type 304, 201 And 316 Stainless Steel Banding

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but we say don’t judge stainless steel by its name. You would think that stainless steel never stains but you would be wrong; especially if you are using them in an industrial setting. Like other metals, it is susceptible to grease, markings and eventually rust. Stainless Read More

HCL Smart® Cable Tie

HCL fasteners are high strength composite polymer banding and strapping solutions that are ideal for long life installation in the marine environment but are also often used in onshore applications such as sign fixing and within the Utilities industry. HCL fasteners have a product range consisting of a number of different size, high strength plastic Read More