steel banding

Self-tensioning steel banding is stainless steel banding that can be installed without need of special tensioning tools, buckles or seals. It is available in a variety of configurations. Ratchet Band Clamps and High Pressure Band Clamps come with integral fastening clasps. All Purpose Banding can be fastened with standard bolts, screws or nails When a Worm Drive Seal is used with stainless steel banding, the banding can be installed with a power screwdriver or wrench When looking for information about the different types of self-tensioning stainless-steel banding available from stainless steel banding manufacturers in the USA, it’s important to know which types of self-tensioning steel banding exist.

Ratchet Band Clamps

Ratchet Band Clamps are stainless steel bands factory fitted with an integral clasp mechanism. Ratchet Band Clamps are tensioned by moving the lever on the integral clasp back and forth until the band is tight. The lever can then be snapped down onto the clasp to lock the band in place. No tools are required to secure Ratchet Band Clamps.

Worm Drive Seals make Self-Tensioning Stainless-Steel Banding

Stainless steel worm drive seals work with standard 3/8” stainless steel banding that is fed around objects to be banded. Each end of the banding hooks onto an end of the seal. The band is tensioned by turning the worm drive screw that pulls the two ends of the seal together. Only a screwdriver or wrench are required for an installation using worm drive seals.

High-Pressure Band Clamps

High Pressure Band Clamps are stainless steel bands equipped with a built-on clasp that is fitted with a tensioning screw. Once the High pressure Band is wrapped around the objects to be banded, the tail is inserted into the clasp. To tension the band, turn the tensioning screw on the clasp with a screwdriver or wrench. High Pressure Band Clamps can be wrapped around twice for added strength.

ALL Purpose Banding

All Purpose Banding is stainless steel banding with regularly spaced pre-punched holes in it. It is an extremely versatile product that can be used for strapping loads, bundling cables, fastening wires, hanging pipe, and many other jobs. A nail, screw or bolt through one of the holes in this stainless steel banding is all that is required to secure it. It is packaged in 25 metre coils in a handy self-dispensing carton.

When to Use Self-Tensioning Stainless-Steel Banding

Self-tensioning Stainless-Steel Banding is the best choice for stainless steel banding installations that don’t require special banding tools, buckles or seals. It is useful during company promotions where numerous signs have to be sent out to stores. Further, jobs with multiple crews or construction job sites benefit from self-tensioning steel banding if they require a means to set up directional signage or temporary fencing. There are many applications and BAND-N-GO Inc™ is your number one out of all the stainless-steel banding distributors in North America.