Stainless Steel FAB Strap

BAND-N-GO Inc. now makes Stainless Steel FAB Strap or as some people like to call it Preformed Clamps. FAB Strap is used to hold heat tracer cable in place or to attach Insulating jackets. There are many benefits to having FAB Strap pre made by BAND-N-GO Inc. 1) saves on material cost. 2) installations go much , much faster. 3) reduces a great deal of labor time. 4) reduces your cost and increases your profitability. 5) happier employees, when work at heights, in rough cold/hot or  wet conditions. 6) Productivity goes way up and the job is completed sooner. 7) The job will look much better and more professional. Contact us at BAND-N-GO Inc. and let us provide you with a free cost/benefit analysis