Length 850 mm 33 in
Width 32 mm 1-1/4 in
Thickness 4.6 mm 0.18 in
Minimum Diameter 60 mm 2.36 in
Maximum Strength 1270 kgf 2800 lbf
Maximum Temperature 125 ºC 257 ºF
Materials Polyketone (Poly Vinyl Methyl Ketone) (PK)
Brands HCL Smart®
Industry Served Electric Utility
Oil & Gas & Mining
Plumbing & HVAC
Shipbuilding & Marine
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Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits

Benefit - Superior Strength and Temperature Tolerance Over Regular Plastic Cable Ties
Feature - Heavy-Duty - Width and Thickness

Benefit - Non-Corrosive
Long Life Recyclable
Feature - Engineered Polymer Construction
Recommended for Marine Applications Salt Water Corrosion Resistant Long Lasting
No Maintenance Required

Benefit - Safe
Easy to Install
Even Under Water
Feature - Patented Design

Minimum Diameter Note For Very Cold Temperatures e.g. -40 ºC Increase Minimum Diameter to 100 mm
Note For best results, Smart Tie should be installed when product temperature is close to room temperature.