Self Tensioning Stainless Steel High Pressure Band Clamps

Part No. Length Max Loop Min Loop Weight
Mill mm-in mm-in mm-in g-lb
SKG-HPB500 500-19.69 145-5.7 70-2.75 29-.064
SKG-HPB1000 1000-39.37 310-12.2 145-5.7 40-.088
SKG-HPB1500 1500-59.06 470-18.5 310-12.2 51-.112
SKG-HPB2000 2000-78.74 625-24.6 470-18.5 62-.137
SKG-HPB2500 2500-98.43 785-30.9 625-24.6 73-.161
SKG-HPB3000 3000-118.11 950-37.4 785-30.9 84-.185

Tensioning tool: Screwdriver

Ratchet wheel clasp with locking screw Fastens securely, easy to use ratchet screw for self tensioning, no clips required, locks securely
Smooth edges Type 316 Stainless steel
Type 316 Stainless steel Recommended for marine applications
Salt water corrosion resistant
Withstands extreme temperatures:
-80C to 400C
Unaffected by UV radiation
Long lasting, no maintenance required
Does not absorb water
Suitable for use in air handling spaces

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SKG-HPB Self Tensioning Stainless Steel High Pressure Band Clamps