Weight 1.36 kg 3 lb
Materials Steel
Pre-Punched No special tools required
Banding Width 12 mm 1/2 in
Banding Length 10 m 33 ft
Banding Thickness 0.7 mm 0.030 in
Hole Diameter 5 mm 3/16 in
Finish Galvanized
Industry Served Plumbing & HVAC
Dispenser Diameter 6 in
Features and Benefits
Galvanized Steel Durable, long-lasting, no maintenance required,Corrosion Resistant,Non Flammable,Does not absorb water, Withstands temperature extremes
To Fasten Galvanized Steel Banding Fit the band around the objects to be fastened and form a loop. Cut off. Match holes in both sides of the loop at the desired position. Insert 5 mm (3/16") bolt(s) through the holes and tighten nuts to secure.