Weight 1.36 kg 3 lb
Length 25 m 82.5 ft
Width 12 mm 0.5 in
Thickness 0.76 in 0.030 mm
Self-Dispensing Carton Size 82.5 ft
Carton Dimensions 21 x 21 x 25 mm8.5 x 8.5 x 1 in
Materials 316 Stainless Steel
Box Type Self-Dispensing
Industry Served Plumbing & HVAC
Features and Benefits
Smooth Edges Smooth finish protects workers and materials
Stainless Steel Durable, long-lasting, no maintenance required, Corrosion Resistant, Non-flammable, Does not absorb water, Unaffected by UV Radiation, Withstands temperature extremes
Applications Chimney Mounted Antenna
General Bundling