Specialized Plastic Mounts

You have probably heard of the expression: “you are never more than 5 meters away from a spider”. Although we cannot say the same for our products, stainless steel cable ties and banding are definitely all around us. They are as essential as nuts and bolts- think about them as publicly invisible heroes like volunteer cross guards or community workers. Stainless steel cable ties are used in outdoor, underground, and undersea environments. This is due to the metal’s ability to withstand:

  • corrosion
  • vibration
  • extreme temperature changes
  • exposure to sunlight.
Here are some of the many applications stainless steel cable ties and strapping has. This way, you can identify it for making sales, working with engineers or just to tell at parties (we do not suggest it)

Shocking Applications

Telecommunication and electric companies have utility poles placed throughout their areas of operation. Being outside all day and night means that they are subjected to all that nature has to offer. (from scorching summers to the coldest winter nights to the wind and rain…) The maintenance itself is a major reason why companies keep stainless steel banding and cable ties stocked up. It is important for all of the equipment to be documented, recorded, and inventoried.

How do they do it?

A simple numbering system is utilized to keep track of the equipment and the pole locations.  To implement the system, numbers are attached to the poles. Normally, if the pole is wooden, aluminum numbers can be simply nailed onto the pole. However, drilling into a metal or concrete pole damages the pole’s weather proofing, and invites rust. Instead of drilling and causing potential damage to the pole, stainless steel cable ties are used to attach the numbers. Our 55 inch cable ties are long enough to securely wrap around just about any pole. Most poles are typically 8-10 inches in diameter, but our ties will fit around even a 15 inch pole. Our rollerball cable ties are known for their ease of use. Clasping mechanisms are part of the cable tie design. There’s no need to attach a separate band or buckle. Using a CT3 tool to tighten the tie allows for one-handed operation. The combination of the lightweight tool with the all-in-one tie design allows this work to be done by both injured workers, and temporary seasonal employees because minimal training is required. Our stainless steel cable ties are will not rust, break or degrade in sunlight.  In fact, you can probably count on them to last longer than the poles themselves

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