Hose Clamp

Last week we announced, on all our Band-N-Go Inc. Social media feeds, that we are carrying Ideal Tridon Hose Clamps and we received a comment asking If we ‘reinvented the wheel’ regarding that post. That comment got me thinking about what exactly is the importance of some of the products we carry, so I decided to dedicate this blog to the Ideal Tridon Hose Clamp and about the importance and history of this specific product. What does the Ideal-Tridon Hose Clamp (At the time Ideal Hose Clamp) and the Indianapolis 500 have in common? Well let me tell you, back in 1953 every car in the race was equipped with ideal hose clamps.Race car driver Bill Vukovich won the Indianapolis 500. He was flying around the track with an average speed of 128.7 miles per hour. Doing that speed with the temperature in the high 90’s (°F), and the track temperature exceeding 130 °F (54 °C). A product was needed to withstand the heat, speed and vibration. Thanks to the Ideal hose clamp, the engine and its fuel lines withstood the forces and temperature to win the race. Hose clamps are typically limited to moderate pressures, such as those found in automotive and home applications. At high pressures, especially with large hose sizes, the clamp would have to be unwieldy to be able to withstand the forces expanding it without allowing the hose to slide off the barb or a leak to form. For these high pressure applications, compression fittings, thick crimp fittings, or other designs are normally used. Some things seen assembled with hose clamps are virtually used for every imaginable automobile body component. Hose clamps are a very important component within the group of fastening equipment products. No industrial application can do without hose clamps. They are designed to withstand high mechanical as well as chemical loads and not only for the automotive industry. Hose clamps play a vital role in maintenance work as well as in common activities. But let’s go a bit further back; the history of the Hose Clamp starts in Brooklyn back in 1913 by Philip Rauch Sr., the Ideal Corporation manufactured stainless steel hose clamps for automobiles and aircraft. Philip Sr. had invented d the Ideal Clamp while he was operating a taxi company. Once he realized the extent of the demand for the device, he started the Ideal Clamp Manufacturing Company. The successful hose clamp design consists of three parts–the band, the screw, and the housing. The band is the part that encircles the tube, the housing holds all the parts together, and the screw is used to adjust the size of the clamp. When looking at a hose clamp we think of it as just a standard product but its importance will make you understand that this product, in particular, has a huge significance and a bigger role in our day to day lives. Don’t forget that we now carry Ideal Tridon Clamps. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and your comments are always welcome. For further information regarding this product or any of our others products click on Products.  ​ Thank you from all of us here at, Band-N-Go Inc. Your number one source and supplier of stainless steel cable ties, stainless steel banding, tools and accessories.