HCL Smart® Cable Tie

HCL fasteners are high strength composite polymer banding and strapping solutions that are ideal for long life installation in the marine environment but are also often used in onshore applications such as sign fixing and within the Utilities industry. HCL fasteners have a product range consisting of a number of different size, high strength plastic band and buckle systems, suitable for the offshore and onshore markets. Smart® Bands, Smart® Tie and Smart® Protector have been protecting products for over 10 years and have been used in hundreds of applications worldwide. Areas that rely heavily on the use of high cost non-corrosive metallic strapping such as Titanium or Alloy 625 are very applicable to the use of the Smart Bands & the Smart Ties. These mainly include cable attachment and the attachment of various brackets sensors or polyurethane products.   Smart® products also offer the following benefits for onshore as well:

  1. Banding is Fast and Simple Installation
  2. Non-Corrosive 100% polymer based strapping & protectors
  3. Non-Conductive – Ideal for Powerline Installation – no risk of electrocution and interference
  4. No Sharp Edges – Safe to Fit Banding – no risk of cuts or major injuries
  5. High Strength & retention – Strongest Polymer Banding System in the World
  6. UV & Flame resistant
  7. Does not damage Street Furniture, Trees or Pylons – No Sharp Edges
Band-N-Go is excited to be one of the main suppliers of HCL products in Canada and we carry the entire line of products and tools to help your next project. If your business is in the Shipbuilding & Marine, Oil & Gas & Mining, Electric Utility, Plumbing & HVAC or Sign & Banner, ask us how HCL fasteners can help your industry. Click the link for the full line of HCL Non Metallic Banding that Band-N-Go carries.