WHY? because it really does get expensive, for companies that use stainless steel banding to invest in banding, buckles and tools, when they may only use them 10 times a year. The solution is the “Rudy “Clamp. You only need to invest in the 1/2″ stainless steel coil and purchase the required amount of “Rudy” Clamps. When you have the SS banding and the “Rudy” Clamp you can make a clamp, as small as 1 ft. in diameter to as large as 100 ft. in diameter or more. (the largest length of your SS coil).

So lets look at the Sign Industry – Small sign shop makes a sign and his customer wants him to attach it to a light standard. He cannot screw the sign to the light standard as this violates the electrical codes. Solution uses the ‘Rudy” Clamp with the stainless steel banding. This will not damage the light standard and will hold his sign in place for many years. Also the sign manufacturer did not have to purchase any special tools. All he need to install the “Rudy” Clamp was a pare of tin snips and a Robertson screwdriver. Sign maker sells the banding and theĀ “RUDY” Clamp, with the sign job. Makes a profit on both and when he installs the job he does not need to call in a special installer also saving money. (Please visit our web site and watch the YOU TUBE video “RUDY” Clamp.

Now lets look at the Electrical Industry. Electrician needs to install a disconnect box to a light standard or a concrete pillar, BUT! they are not allowed to screw into the standard or the pillar. What most electricians do,is obtain “U” channel and threaded rod. They first have to cut the “U” channel to length (2 pieces) then they have to cut the threaded rod (2 pieces) assemble the “U” channel with the threaded rods using 4 nuts. Then attach the disconnect box. After doing all of this, it has probably cost them wear and tear on their equipment, cost of “U” channel, threaded rods and nuts. But most of all about 30 to 45 minutes worth of labor. As well a lost production while accomplishing this work. Using the “RUDY” Clamp with the SS banding they could have accomplished this in about 10 minutes or less. (costs go down, production goes up and NO damages to anything).

How about the Security Company. They need to hang security cameras on pillar inside buildings or under bridges or attached to light standards. They basically use the same system as electricians. The “RUDY Clamp, will speed up the installation, will not scratch or harm the pillars in the offices. They can accomplish this without using special banding tools. (keeps cost down, easy to install and improves margins)

You can see the “Rudy” Clamp on our YOU Tube video located on our web site or call BAND-N-GO Inc. We will provide free information to help you become more productive.

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