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Stainless Steel Banding for the Twenty-first Century

Hello world, the Internet of Things – 5G for short, is coming. It’s a world where everything is connected: people to people; people to devices; devices to devices.
To achieve inter-connectivity of smart devices, service providers will need to install hardware to transmit and receive high frequency radio signals.
In the 4G world of today, service providers transmit using low frequency radio waves that can travel relatively long distances. The antennae that receive and relay the signals are often mounted on towers that can be kilometers [miles] apart.
In the 5G world, the antennae will have to be metres [yards], not kilometres [miles], apart. Antennae will be more numerous and situated locally, perhaps on existing utility poles or affixed to buildings, bridges or sign structures.
In many cases, for example metal or concrete light poles, bridges, or metal sign structures, drilling and fastening with bolts or screws will not be an option due to the risk of structural damage or electrical code violation. In these situations, stainless steel banding is an ideal fastening solution.
Stainless steel banding is durable and will withstand weather extremes of temperature, wind and precipitation. When properly wrapped around a structural element, it causes no damage to the element. In addition, it can be roughed in, before final tensioning and cut-off, to permit antennae to be positioned or repositioned to complete the network.
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STAINLESS STEEL: A 100% recyclable product

In this day and age we look around for products and materials to not only be non-degradable but also recyclable for the purpose of environmental awareness and to reduce the carbon footprint so that we can have a sustainable future.

With a growing interest from millennial’s regarding the worlds environmental concerns and with major pushes and pleadings from millennial’s such as Greta Thunberg demanding for a better and more sustainable future, as we have all probably seen and heard her with her speech during the 2019 Climate Action Summit held in New York back in September, this is where stainless steel come into play.

Stainless steel is a product that is economically and environmentally the perfect choice for business around the world to help with the reduction on the carbon footprint and it does not cause any harm to nature and people. If the correct type or grade of stainless steel is chosen for an application, it can last till the project lasts. In its lifetime, it saves maintenance costs, inspection costs and production downtime costs. Because of its high durability properties, it can sustain in the worst of conditions and retain its original form. At the end of a project, the stainless steel also has a high scrap value and all of it is recyclable. To learn more on the different types of stainless steel grades, read our article ‘Types 304, 201 and 316 Stainless Steel Banding: Importance and differentiation’ located on our blog page at

Now let’s put on our scientist hats on and breakdown what stainless steel is made from. Stainless steel is composed of nickel, iron, chromium, and molybdenum among other raw materials. These metals are in high demand and that makes stainless steel a product of high demand as well.  Despite the high demands for stainless steel, with new stainless steel that goes into production today it can be recycled in the future to produce more steel and this process goes on indefinitely. As far as durability and risk factors go, stainless steel is easy to clean and does not breed bacteria easily. That is why it is widely used in manufacturing of food and medicine. Chromium in stainless steel forms a natural, passive protective layer that prevents steel from corroding.

If the correct grade of steel is chosen for an application it poses little to no risk to the people handling it and it also becomes an environment-friendly choice as 100% of it is recycled at the end of its life. An important fact to note here is that stainless steel does not remain in the environment and poses no threat to humans and animals. Because of its excellent composition, stainless steel is the best choice by various industries because it ensures low maintenance costs and its longevity saves time and money. Companies can easily commit to stainless steel because it can recycle the steel and can always purchase recycled steel whenever needed.

With the growing amount of awareness, this has made stainless steel the material of choice by various industries. Stainless steel is deemed as a green product and the demand for this material has been the highest of any material in the world.

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Free Sunscreen Pilot Project: How Band-N-Go Inc. helped out. (PART 1)

Back in 2017 a successful pilot project called #BeSunSafe provided free sunscreen in 5 Toronto parks. The #BeSunSafe program was founded by the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund, the Douglas Wright Foundation and the City of Toronto. The purpose of #BeSunSafe is to reduce Canadians’ risk of skin cancer by providing free sunscreen and raising awareness of the importance of sun protection. In 2018, the program was expanded to offer 50 sunscreen dispensers spanning nearly 50 kilometers from Marie Curtis Park to Rouge Beach in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Band-N-Go Inc. proudly supplied ¾” stainless steel banding & buckles for dispenser instillation.But, it wasn’t just the products we supplied, it was going above and beyond that really stood out for the #BeSunSafe organizers.

On the Friday prior to the project’s unveiling, the organizers were anticipating an order of banding and buckles to come in from the USA. That did not happen. They reached out to Band-N-Go Inc. and with a last minute dash on a Sunday evening we were able to supply the products required to put up the dispensers on Monday. Our forward thinking and going the extra mile on that Sunday evening assisted the organizers with a successful launch.

Part 2 of this Blog will be launched in May.

May is Melanoma awareness month and we will have more about how the program is going, where the program is headed and how Band-N-Go Inc. believes in the importance of Melanoma awareness.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Canada and melanoma, the deadliest skin cancer, is increasing in incidence.

If you would like to learn more about melanoma please visit the following:

The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund is a Canadian charity that saves lives from melanoma by raising awareness, promoting prevention and supporting research.Visit for program, research and impact information.

The Douglas Wright Foundation is devoted to fighting melanoma in Canada by increasing awareness, educating the public about early detection and preventative measures, and fostering partnerships between like-minded organizations. More information is available at





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HCL Non Metallic Banding: Great for offshore and onshore markets and Band-N-Go carries it.

         HCL fasteners are high strength composite polymer banding and strapping solutions that are ideal for long life installation in the marine environment but are also often used in onshore applications such as sign fixing and within the Utilities industry. HCL fasteners have a product range consisting of a number of different size, high strength plastic band and buckle systems, suitable for the offshore and onshore markets. Smart® Bands, Smart® Tie and Smart® Protector have been protecting products for over 10 years and have been used in hundreds of applications worldwide. Areas that rely heavily on the use of high cost non-corrosive metallic strapping such as Titanium or Alloy 625 are very applicable to the use of the Smart Bands & the Smart Ties. These mainly include cable attachment and the attachment of various brackets sensors or polyurethane products.

Smart® products also offer the following benefits for onshore as well:

  1. Banding is Fast and Simple Installation
  2. Non-Corrosive 100% polymer based strapping & protectors
  3. Non-Conductive – Ideal for Powerline Installation – no risk of electrocution and interference
  4. No Sharp Edges – Safe to Fit Banding – no risk of cuts or major injuries
  5. High Strength & retention – Strongest Polymer Banding System in the World                                
  6. UV & Flame resistant
  7. Does not damage Street Furniture, Trees or Pylons – No Sharp Edges

Band-N-Go is excited to be one of the main suppliers of HCL products in Canada and we carry the entire line of products and tools to help your next project. If your business is in the Shipbuilding & Marine, Oil & Gas & Mining, Electric Utility, Plumbing & HVAC or Sign & Banner, ask us how HCL fasteners can help your industry.

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Hose Clamps and the Indianapolis 500: A winning combination

Last week we announced, on all our Band-N-Go Inc. Social media feeds, that we are carrying Ideal Tridon Hose Clamps and we received a comment asking If we ‘reinvented the wheel’ regarding that post. That comment got me thinking about what exactly is the importance of some of the products we carry, so I decided to dedicate this blog to the Ideal Tridon Hose Clamp and about the importance and history of this specific product.

What does the Ideal-Tridon Hose Clamp (At the time Ideal Hose Clamp) and the Indianapolis 500 have in common? Well let me tell you, back in 1953 every car in the race was equipped with ideal hose clamps.Race car driver Bill Vukovich won the Indianapolis 500. He was flying around the track with an average speed of 128.7 miles per hour. Doing that speed with the temperature in the high 90’s (°F), and the track temperature exceeding 130 °F (54 °C). A product was needed to withstand the heat, speed and vibration. Thanks to the Ideal hose clamp, the engine and its fuel lines withstood the forces and temperature to win the race.

Hose clamps are typically limited to moderate pressures, such as those found in automotive and home applications. At high pressures, especially with large hose sizes, the clamp would have to be unwieldy to be able to withstand the forces expanding it without allowing the hose to slide off the barb or a leak to form. For these high pressure applications, compression fittings, thick crimp fittings, or other designs are normally used. Some things seen assembled with hose clamps are virtually used for every imaginable automobile body component. Hose clamps are a very important component within the group of fastening equipment products. No industrial application can do without hose clamps. They are designed to withstand high mechanical as well as chemical loads and not only for the automotive industry. Hose clamps play a vital role in maintenance work as well as in common activities.

But let’s go a bit further back; the history of the Hose Clamp starts in Brooklyn back in 1913 by Philip Rauch Sr., the Ideal Corporation manufactured stainless steel hose clamps for automobiles and aircraft. Philip Sr. had invented d the Ideal Clamp while he was operating a taxi company. Once he realized the extent of the demand for the device, he started the Ideal Clamp Manufacturing Company. The successful hose clamp design consists of three parts–the band, the screw, and the housing. The band is the part that encircles the tube, the housing holds all the parts together, and the screw is used to adjust the size of the clamp.

When looking at a hose clamp we think of it as just a standard product but its importance will make you understand that this product, in particular, has a huge significance and a bigger role in our day to day lives.

Don’t forget that we now carry Ideal Tridon Clamps.

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Jacket On, Jacket off and Polymer Coats

It goes without saying: The strongest people in the world wears jackets. You cannot image soldiers, firemen or welders doing their jobs without their uniforms. Now image stainless steel banding and cable ties which are used in the roughest oil rigs to the deepest submarines. These environments demonstrate that as strong as the metal is, stainless steel is not invincible. This is why some banding should have plastic jackets (polymer coating)

The big 3 reasons for protection:

A polymer coating is useful for three main reasons:
⦁    Provides extra corrosion protection for banding or cable tie
⦁    Guards against galvanic corrosion
⦁    Acts as a cushion layer between hard stainless steel and softer paint or cable jacket

Provides extra corrosion protection

Image a strong man wearing a strong jumpsuit. You can really count on him to get the job done. When it comes to banding, the polymer coat is used to keep salt water off of the surface of the stainless steel. This means the tie or banding can live a longer life.

Galvanic Corrosion

Image result for galvanic corrosionGalvanic corrosion is an accelerated type of corrosion that occurs when two electrically dissimilar metals are in contact in the presence of a conductive medium, for example salt water. Imagine two enemies being put in the same room together and to make things worse. Both people will begin to deteriorate and now when you add in alcohol, their meltdown is accelerated and inevitable.
One way to prevent galvanic corrosion is to put a non-conductive (insulating) layer between the two metals to prevent direct contact. The polymer layer on coated stainless steel banding or coated stainless steel cable ties provides the insulating layer.

Cushion layer

Stainless steel banding and cable ties are strong and hard. Some objects fastened by cable ties have softer surfaces than stainless steel, for example cable jackets or any painted object. In the presence of vibration or pitching & rolling there is a risk of deterioration of the softer surface due to abrasion.

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Invisible in Public- Stainless Steel Cable Ties

You have probably heard of the expression: “you are never more than 5 meters away from a spider”. Although we cannot say the same for our products, stainless steel cable ties and banding are definitely all around us. They are as essential as nuts and bolts- think about them as publicly invisible heroes like volunteer cross guards or community workers. Stainless steel cable ties are used in outdoor, underground, and undersea environments. This is due to the metal’s ability to withstand:

  • corrosion
  • vibration
  • extreme temperature changes
  • exposure to sunlight.

Here are some of the many applications stainless steel cable ties and strapping has. This way, you can identify it for making sales, working with engineers or just to tell at parties (we do not suggest it)

Shocking Applications

Telecommunication and electric companies have utility poles placed throughout their areas of operation. Being outside all day and night means that they are subjected to all that nature has to offer. (from scorching summers to the coldest winter nights to the wind and rain…) The maintenance itself is a major reason why companies keep stainless steel banding and cable ties stocked up. It is important for all of the equipment to be documented, recorded, and inventoried.

How do they do it?

A simple numbering system is utilized to keep track of the equipment and the pole locations.  To implement the system, numbers are attached to the poles. Normally, if the pole is wooden, aluminum numbers can be simply nailed onto the pole. However, drilling into a metal or concrete pole damages the pole’s weather proofing, and invites rust. Instead of drilling and causing potential damage to the pole, stainless steel cable ties are used to attach the numbers.

Our 55 inch cable ties are long enough to securely wrap around just about any pole. Most poles are typically 8-10 inches in diameter, but our ties will fit around even a 15 inch pole.

Our rollerball cable ties are known for their ease of use. Clasping mechanisms are part of the cable tie design. There’s no need to attach a separate band or buckle. Using a CT3 tool to tighten the tie allows for one-handed operation. The combination of the lightweight tool with the all-in-one tie design allows this work to be done by both injured workers, and temporary seasonal employees because minimal training is required.

Our stainless steel cable ties are will not rust, break or degrade in sunlight.  In fact, you can probably count on them to last longer than the poles themselves

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Type 304, 201 and 316 Stainless Steel Banding: Importance and differentiation

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but we say don’t judge stainless steel by its name. You would think that stainless steel never stains but you would be wrong; especially if you are using them in an industrial setting. Like other metals, it is susceptible to grease, markings and eventually rust. Stainless steel banding is no exception

Making the Grade

Now, when you factor in grades of stainless steel this makes the material harder to understand. Because stainless steel is used for some many applications, it is engineered to adapt to each situation. The mixture of elements they mix inside the stainless steel is categorized by grade. Each grade is best suited to a particular purpose.

When it comes to stainless steel banding, the three most commonly used grades are: Type 304, type 201 and type 316. Here’s each description to help you understand which one is best for your application.

Type 201

This is Band-N-Go’s most commonly used type of stainless steel banding which is harder and stronger. It is a North American grade developed at a time when world nickel prices were very high. As a solution to these high prices, type 201 was created with reduced nickel (Ni) and a higher level of manganese (Mn) in its composition. Type 201 is specified by some municipalities and utilities initially for lower cost, but also now for its higher strength. Type 201 stainless steel is most often used for attaching signs and electrical fixtures to utility poles, clamping fittings to large diameter hoses and bundling cables and hoses.

Type 304

Type 304 is a general-purpose stainless steel, most commonly used around the world. If you have any stainless steel appliances (or faucets) it is probably made from type 304. Type 304 stainless steel is widely used in the sign and electrical industries to name a few. From our experience: Some of the most common uses are strapping insulation jacketing to pipes and tanks; fixing lightweight signs and advertising materials to columns or posts. In the pipelines, type 304 stainless steel banding is used to strap heat tracer cables to pipelines to prevent freezing.

Type 316

Type 316 was developed for added corrosion resistance. It generally has a slightly higher nickel content, but is distinguished by the addition of molybdenum (Mb). This Type of stainless steel is specified and used in marine environments; e.g. ocean going ships and oil and gas drilling platforms. From our experience, it’s typically used to fix cables to cable trays or columns and bundling cables or hoses. Type 316 banding is very common along coastlines (for signs or decorations), or in refrigeration applications.

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Stainless Steel “FAB Strap” / “Preformed Clamps”

BAND-N-GO Inc. now makes Stainless Steel FAB Strap or as some people like to call it Preformed Clamps.

FAB Strap is used to hold heat tracer cable in place or to attach Insulating jackets.

There are many benefits to having FAB Strap pre made by BAND-N-GO Inc.

1) saves on material cost.

2) installations go much , much faster.

3) reduces a great deal of labor time.

4) reduces your cost and increases your profitability.

5) happier employees, when work at heights, in rough cold/hot or  wet conditions.

6) Productivity goes way up and the job is completed sooner.

7) The job will look much better and more professional.

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