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Sometimes it’s as easy as passing on, a bit of Information.

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My biggest distributor started to do business with me because I helped them with a bit of information. We were all sitting in the office and I was trying to explain my products to them. They all listened carefully and seemed  interested, but all of a sudden we had gone off topic. One of the mangers starting discussing sourcing, of a certain product and asked me, if I new were to obtain it.

I knew the source of were to obtain the product and told them. I did not know it at the time, but my information helped them land a substantial tender.

Later, (about a week) they told me that it was my info that helped them, seal the deal. Next I received,  a Purchase Order for my products. We have being doing business, ever since.

Offshore Oil Rigs and Ocean Vessel should use Stainless Steel 316 Coated

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Both Offshore Oil Rigs and Ocean Vessels, should use grade 316 Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties. They both work, in harsh environments, salt water, heat, cold and direct sunlight in some cases. On Oil Rigs, Stainless Stainless Steel Cable Ties are even installed sub sea. When on the platform, they end up being in direct sun light all day, while suffering, threw the cold of night. On board ships they are installed in the deepest parts of the vessel and not checked for years, or unless there is a problem in the area. We at BAND-N-GO Inc. recommend our grade 316 coated stainless steel cable ties because of the following.

  • No water absorption
  • Non-Flammable
  • Coated, temp range: -112°F  (-80°C) to 302°F  (150°C)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent UV resistance
  • Radiation resistance: 2 x 108 rads
  • excellent for highly corrosive enviroments
  • No sharp edges, protects insulation and wiring bundle
  • Self locking mechanism speeds installation
  • our grade 316 coated roller ball cable tie can be used in virtually all indoor, outdoor, underground (including direct burial applications) and sub sea.
  • Non toxic, halogen-free
  • DNV approved
  • ABS approved
  • Lloyd’s Register approved
  • UL RoHs approved
  • UL Listed approved
  • They are a proven product

Our Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties, come in various Lengths and Tensile Strength.

Our competitors, cannot keep up. we are the experts and we do have the widest range available.

Information for our customers.

We will, if requested by you, provide any information we can, absolutely FREE.  Even if you decide, not to purchase from us. We will be happy to help you, because, we know that one day, you will want to become our customer. Because,we do have the best products at reasonable prices and we do offer, the best service!

Roller Ball Cable Tie 100 lbs standard grade 316 Coated

Length shortest 4 ” to longest 55″ (over 55″ by special request and quote)

Roller Ball Cable Tie 250 lbs. grade 316 Coated Heavy Duty

Length shortest 8 ” to longest 55 ” (over 55″ by special request and quote)

Roller Ball Cable Tie450 lbs.  grade 316 Coated Heavy Duty

Length shortest 8 ” to longest 39 ” (over 39 ” by special request and Quote)

Roller Ball Cable Tie 800 lbs. grade 316 Coated Heavy Duty

Length shortest 18 ” to longest 30″

Our Coated Stainless Steel grade 316 cable Ties are also available in ladder tie and releasable styles.

When you need approved grade 316 Coated Stainless Steel Cable Ties come check us out. We have the world class products. (in stock and can ship now)

Note: Does not happen often, but if for some strange reason, we do not have the length you need in stock. We will give you the next size up at the same price, so as not to delay your job. When you do business with BAND-N-GO Inc. You are doing business with the best.

We help you, not just to be good,  but to be the expert in stainless steel cable ties. (both coated and uncoated)


Sign, Electrical, Security Companies need the “Rudy Clamp”

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WHY? because it really does get expensive, for companies that use stainless steel banding to invest in banding, buckles and tools, when they may only use them 10 times a year. The solution is the “Rudy “Clamp. You only need to invest in the 1/2″ stainless steel coil and purchase the required amount of “Rudy” Clamps. When you have the SS banding and the “Rudy” Clamp you can make a clamp, as small as 1 ft. in diameter to as large as 100 ft. in diameter or more. (the largest length of your SS coil).

So lets look at the Sign Industry – Small sign shop makes a sign and his customer wants him to attach it to a light standard. He cannot screw the sign to the light standard as this violates the electrical codes. Solution uses the ‘Rudy” Clamp with the stainless steel banding. This will not damage the light standard and will hold his sign in place for many years. Also the sign manufacturer did not have to purchase any special tools. All he need to install the “Rudy” Clamp was a pare of tin snips and a Robertson screwdriver. Sign maker sells the banding and the “RUDY” Clamp, with the sign job. Makes a profit on both and when he installs the job he does not need to call in a special installer also saving money. (Please visit our web site and watch the YOU TUBE video “RUDY” Clamp.

Now lets look at the Electrical Industry. Electrician needs to install a disconnect box to a light standard or a concrete pillar, BUT! they are not allowed to screw into the standard or the pillar. What most electricians do,is obtain “U” channel and threaded rod. They first have to cut the “U” channel to length (2 pieces) then they have to cut the threaded rod (2 pieces) assemble the “U” channel with the threaded rods using 4 nuts. Then attach the disconnect box. After doing all of this, it has probably cost them wear and tear on their equipment, cost of “U” channel, threaded rods and nuts. But most of all about 30 to 45 minutes worth of labor. As well a lost production while accomplishing this work. Using the “RUDY” Clamp with the SS banding they could have accomplished this in about 10 minutes or less. (costs go down, production goes up and NO damages to anything).

How about the Security Company. They need to hang security cameras on pillar inside buildings or under bridges or attached to light standards. They basically use the same system as electricians. The “RUDY Clamp, will speed up the installation, will not scratch or harm the pillars in the offices. They can accomplish this without using special banding tools. (keeps cost down, easy to install and improves margins)

You can see the “Rudy” Clamp on our YOU Tube video located on our web site or call BAND-N-GO Inc. We will provide free information to help you become more productive.

Prevent SS Cable Ties from Cutting Cable Jackets

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CT5 installation

By using the CT-5 Manual Tool with Tension Adjustment and cutter you can prevent the accidental cutting of a cable jacket. The CT-5 automatically cuts to the desired tension you preset. It is also small enough to allow you easy access into tight spots. When you want a cable tie to last for years and you do not want to harm the cable jacket, We recommend our Stainless Steel Roller cable tie with the CT-5

Ever need this kind of info? Re: Stainless Steel

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Why and when should I use stainless steel banding?

Why and when should I use stainless steel cable ties?

Why should I use a coated stainless steel cable tie and why use coated banding?

Why use grade 201, 304 or 316 stainless ?

What tensile strength should I use?

Why should there be traceability?

What kind of warranty will I get?

If you have to find answers to these questions, We are here to help you!

Free – NO Charge and you do not have to buy from us. We will give you the answers you need, to make your job easier. When you contact us via; in person, phone, e-mail, fax or even snail mail. My staff will endeavor, to provide you, with all the information, you may need to make an informed buying decision. Should you need to write up a specification sheet. We will give you the information you need, to make it accurate and complete.

We at BAND-N-GO Inc. know stainless steel. We are experts in the field. we will assist you, if you give us a chance.