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Q-Band® Patented Plastic Banding System

BAND-N-GO Inc.™ offers the Q-Band® plastic banding system.  Q-Band® has the attributes of plastic with the added strength required for banding jobs.  Q-Band® is a fibre reinforced polypropylene banding with a grooved surface.  When used with the specially designed Q-Band® clip, it forms a strong clamp that can be either permanent or temporary.  Its strength, chemical resistance, stability in UV exposure and wide operating temperature make it very versatile, even suitable for use in harsh environments.  Some typical bundling and fastening applications include: insulation, electrical wiring, telecom cabling, fluid handling, signs & displays.


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Polypropylene banding with grooves

Fibre reinforced, UV stabilized
1/2" x .05" x 100 ft ribbon wound coil in self dispensing carton
Operating temperature: -30°F to 200°F
Circular banding strength: 190 lbs.
Tensile strength: 4000 psi
Flexural Modulus: 350,000 psi
UL Rating: flame & smoke spread per UL #94 HB


Q-Band® Clip

Q-Band Clips
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Q-Band Clips
A unique plastic clip with teeth, specially designed to fasten Q-Band®.

When Q-Band® is fastened with the unique plastic clip, the grooves on the band mesh with the teeth in the clip to create a strong grip.  Together, the Q-Band® and the clip form a banding system that is economical and strong, but can also be permanent or temporary.  When the teeth remain meshed with the grooves, they form a strong, permanent damp; when the clip is released, the teeth disengage from the grooves and the Q-Band® and clip are ready to be used again.

Packaged in poly bags of 25 pieces.

Q-Band® can be pulled through the clip by hand or with pliers.  For a strong, tight grip, use the Q-Gun™ tightening tool.



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A compact, lightweight tool specifically designed for tensioning and cutting Q-Band®.

Durable stainless steel construction

One hand squeeze-action operation

Built in cutter


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